[ huh-bak-uhk, hab-uh-kuhk, -kook ]

  1. a Minor Prophet of the 7th century b.c.

  2. a book of the Bible bearing his name. Abbreviation: Hab.

  • Also Douay Bible, Ha·bac·uc .

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How to use Habakkuk in a sentence

  • Now, there was in Jewry a prophet called Habakkuk who made pottage and broken bread to take to the reapers in the field.

  • The same habit of the Leopard is also alluded to by Jeremiah, who employs precisely the same imagery as is used by Habakkuk.

    Bible Animals; | J. G. Wood
  • Habakkuk McEwen entered upon his strange mission with ardor.

    Wyoming | Edward Sylvester Ellis
  • "I will see that we are all out of harm's way, while we are here," said Habakkuk McEwen.

    Wyoming | Edward Sylvester Ellis
  • Habakkuk did as requested, and they exchanged weapons again.

    Wyoming | Edward Sylvester Ellis

British Dictionary definitions for Habakkuk


/ (ˈhæbəkək) /

nounOld Testament
  1. a Hebrew prophet

  2. the book containing his oracles and canticle

  • Douay spelling: Habacuc

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