[ hah-ber ]


  1. Fritz, 1868–1934, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1918.


/ bər /

  1. German chemist who received a 1918 Nobel Prize for developing a method of producing ammonia synthetically from nitrogen and hydrogen gases.

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Example Sentences

Von Braun focused on space, while Haber became the face of Disney’s atom.

Rather than discuss technical details, Haber begins by telling the story of a fisherman attempting to convince a magical creature, living in an ancient-looking container pulled from the sea, to do his bidding.

Kimball reached out to von Braun and soon both he and Haber became technical consultants for Disney.

Hydrogen became particularly useful after the early 20th century invention of the Haber process, which combines the gas with nitrogen in the atmosphere to produce ammonia, a compound valuable for its use in fertilizer and explosives.

From Time

Ammonia is a chemical precursor of synthetic fertilizers, and the Haber-Bosch process is still one of the most important industrial processes today, providing fertilizer for almost half the world’s food production.

Where Haber is clearly wrong is in arguing that Israel's Law of Return empowers Jews as adherents of a religion.

And Jerry Haber wrote this, also at Open Zion; like Levine, Haber is an academic philosopher and critic of Zionism.

An Israeli journalist named Eitan Haber recently made an intriguing proposal.

Haber considers that ionic concentrations of 1014 can still account for very fast actions.

The values obtained agree, in general, with Haber's contention.

No quiero omitir aqui sobre esta palabra que lo que debiera haber dicho, quando se trató de la conjuncion.

Un da otro-os alcanzar su venganza, y expiaris, muriendo, el delito de haber encenagado sus ondas.

Porque no me parece de tanta edad como para haber vivido en el tiempo en que las brujas andaban todava por el mundo.