[ huh-bil-uh-muh nt ]
/ həˈbɪl ə mənt /


Usually habiliments.
  1. clothes or clothing.
  2. clothes as worn in a particular profession, way of life, etc.
habiliments, accouterments or trappings.

Origin of habiliment

1375–1425; late Middle English (h)abylement < Middle French habillement, equivalent to habill(er), abill(ier) to trim a log, hence, dress, prepare (< Vulgar Latin *adbiliare; see a-5, billet2) + -ment -ment

Related forms

ha·bil·i·men·tal [huh-bil-uh-men-tl] /həˌbɪl əˈmɛn tl/, ha·bil·i·men·ta·ry, adjectiveha·bil·i·ment·ed, adjective
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/ (həˈbɪlɪmənt) /


(often plural) dress or attire

Word Origin for habiliment

C15: from Old French habillement, from habiller to dress, from bille log; see billet ²
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