[ huh-bil-i-tey-shuhn ]
/ həˌbɪl ɪˈteɪ ʃən /
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the act or process of becoming fit or of making fit for a particular purpose:For at-risk youth, combining school and work makes more sense, expanding their education and habilitation to include hands-on training.
a program of teaching basic living skills to someone with a disability, as in a group home:Without early intervention and residential habilitation, our son would be so much more dependent than he is now.
Often Habilitation . (in European and other educational systems) the act or process of qualifying as professor or instructor after having earned one’s doctorate, or the thesis or book written for this qualification:After her doctorate and habilitation in New York and San José respectively, she joined the University of Konstanz as a professor of experimental solid-state physics in 2002.
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How to use habilitation in a sentence

  • But there it was, and it seems well on the way to full habilitation.

  • With such a Society those who undertook this project for the habilitation of criticism would necessarily co-operate and interlock.