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[ huh-bich-oo-uhl ]


  1. of the nature of a habit; fixed by or resulting from habit:

    habitual courtesy.

  2. (of a person) having developed a specified character through force of habit:

    a habitual gossip.

    Synonyms: inveterate, confirmed

    Antonyms: occasional

  3. commonly used, followed, observed, etc., as by a particular person; customary:

    She took her habitual place at the table.

    Synonyms: regular, accustomed

    Antonyms: unaccustomed


/ həˈbɪtjʊəl /


  1. usually prenominal done or experienced regularly and repeatedly

    the habitual Sunday walk

  2. usually prenominal by habit

    a habitual drinker

  3. customary; usual

    his habitual comment

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Derived Forms

  • haˈbitually, adverb
  • haˈbitualness, noun

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Other Words From

  • ha·bit·u·al·ly adverb
  • ha·bit·u·al·ness noun
  • non·ha·bit·u·al adjective
  • non·ha·bit·u·al·ness noun
  • qua·si-ha·bit·u·al adjective
  • un·ha·bit·u·al adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of habitual1

First recorded in 1520–30; from Medieval Latin habituālis “relating to dress, condition, or habit,” equivalent to Latin habitu(s) habit 1 + -ālis -al 1

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Synonym Study

See usual.

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Example Sentences

A man, wealthy and powerful, gets into an argument with a colleague who calls him out for being the habitual liar that he is.

If, every now and then, you open it to look at them, you can be sure to find them filling the box uniformly and going through their habitual routine—bumping into each other with random outcomes.

Regular air travel has become habitual, he argues—at least among those who can afford it.

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Through accidents of history and habitual use among consumers, it’s hard to knock big search engines off their perch.

If the environment of decision-making stays the same, your daily habitual behaviors will most likely stay the same.

From Fortune

They were found guilty of practicing habitual debauchery and inciting others to sexual deviance because of the footage.

Princess Margaret—another Royal sibling who struggled with lack of purpose—was a habitual, heavy drinker.

Everything about his behavior—his lassitude, his habitual indifference—makes more sense when you know his circumstances.

Lawson told the court, “I have never been a habitual user.”

He could change his name but not his nature—his habitual brawling and drinking cost him his job a year later.

Tressan was monstrous ill-at-ease, and his face lost a good deal of its habitual plethora of colour.

It nettled him; it broke down his habitual composure, and it was a relief to him when the conference came to a close.

Rounded scybalous masses are common in habitual constipation, and indicate atony of the muscular coat of the intestine.

He has spoilt any chance he had of being considered handsome by a sullen expression now habitual.

Madame stood hand on hip, the flush fading slowly, her glance resuming its habitual lazy insolence.