[huh-bich-oo-ey-shuh n]
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  1. the act of habituating.
  2. the condition of being habituated.
  3. physiological tolerance to or psychological dependence on a drug, short of addiction.
  4. reduction of psychological or behavioral response occurring when a specific stimulus occurs repeatedly.

Origin of habituation

1400–50; late Middle English. See habituate, -ion
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British Dictionary definitions for habituation


  1. the act or process of habituating
  2. psychol the temporary waning of an innate response that occurs when it is elicited many times in successionCompare extinction (def. 6)
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Word Origin and History for habituation

mid-15c., from Medieval Latin habituationem, noun of action from habituare (see habituate (v.)).

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habituation in Medicine


  1. The process of habituating or the state of being habituated.
  2. Physiological tolerance to a drug resulting from repeated use.
  3. Psychological dependence on a drug.
  4. The decline of a conditioned response following repeated exposure to the conditioned stimulus.
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habituation in Science


  1. The gradual decline of a response to a stimulus resulting from repeated exposure to the stimulus.
  2. Physiological tolerance for a drug resulting from repeated use.
  3. Psychological dependence on a drug resulting from repeated use.
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