or há·ček

[ hah-chek ]
/ ˈhɑ tʃɛk /


a diacritical mark (ˇ) placed over a letter in some languages, as Czech and Lithuanian, and in some systems of phonetic transcription, especially to indicate that a sound is palatalized.

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Origin of haček

1950–55; < Czech háček, diminutive of hák hook < German; see hook1
Also called wedge.
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British Dictionary definitions for hacek

/ (ˈhɑːtʃɛk) /


a diacritic mark (ˇ) placed over certain letters in order to modify their sounds, esp used in Slavonic languages to indicate various forms of palatal articulation, as in the affricate č and the fricative trill ř used in Czech

Word Origin for háček

from Czech
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