[ noun ha-shoo r, hash-oo r; verb ha-shoo r ]
/ noun hæˈʃʊər, ˈhæʃ ʊər; verb hæˈʃʊər /


one of a series of short parallel lines drawn on a map to indicate topographic relief.
shading composed of such lines.

verb (used with object), ha·chured, ha·chur·ing.

Also hatch. to indicate or shade by hachures.
Also hatch·ure [hach-er] /ˈhætʃ ər/.

Origin of hachure

From French, dating back to 1855–60; see origin at hatch3, -ure
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British Dictionary definitions for hachure

/ (hæˈʃjʊə) /


hatchingSee hatch 3
shading of short lines drawn on a relief map to indicate gradients


(tr) to mark or show by hachures

Word Origin for hachure

C19: from French, from hacher to chop up, hatch ³
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