[ hah-see-en-duh; Spanish ah-syen-dah ]
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noun,plural ha·ci·en·das [hah-see-en-duhz; Spanish ah-syen-dahs]. /ˌhɑ siˈɛn dəz; Spanish ɑˈsyɛn dɑs/. (in Spanish America)
  1. a large landed estate, especially one used for farming or ranching.

  2. the main house on such an estate.

  1. a stock raising, mining, or manufacturing establishment in the country.

Origin of hacienda

1710–20; <Spanish <Latin facienda things to be done or made, neuter plural of faciendus, gerund of facere to do1, make

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How to use hacienda in a sentence

  • We have still three hours of night; let us profit by them to rest, in order to be ready to start for the hacienda at sunrise.

    The Border Rifles | Gustave Aimard
  • From that night we were accorded all the privileges of honored guests in the great hacienda.

  • He belonged to a hacienda in Bernalillo, a hundred miles or more west of Santa Fé.

    Overland | John William De Forest
  • The wealthy elite sons and daughters of the hacienda studied at institutions of higher learning abroad.

    The Haciendas of Mexico | Paul Alexander Bartlett

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/ (ˌhæsɪˈɛndə) /

noun(in Spain or Spanish-speaking countries)
    • a ranch or large estate

    • any substantial stock-raising, mining, or manufacturing establishment in the country

  1. the main house on such a ranch or plantation

Origin of hacienda

C18: from Spanish, from Latin facienda things to be done, from facere to do

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