[hak-ber-ee, -buh-ree]
noun, plural hack·ber·ries.
  1. any of several trees or shrubs belonging to the genus Celtis, of the elm family, bearing cherrylike fruit.
  2. the sometimes edible fruit of such a tree.
  3. the wood of such a tree.

Origin of hackberry

1775–85, Americanism; variant of hagberry (of Scandinavian origin)
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Historical Examples of hackberry

  • It is in autumn, of course, that the hackberry earns its name, sugarberry.

  • The fruit of the black cherry is more plentiful than that of the hackberry.

  • The caterpillar feeds on the hackberry (Celtis occidentalis).

    The Butterfly Book

    William Jacob Holland

  • Some of the American species of hackberry are very variable.

    Trees of Indiana

    Charles Clemon Deam

  • Hackberry has been observed west of one hundred and first meridian.

    Buffalo Land

    W. E. Webb

British Dictionary definitions for hackberry


noun plural -ries
  1. any American tree or shrub of the ulmaceous genus Celtis, having edible cherry-like fruits
  2. the fruit or soft yellowish wood of such a tree

Word Origin for hackberry

C18: variant of C16 hagberry, of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse heggr hackberry
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