/ ˈheɪdən /


  1. HadenCharles (Edward)1937MUSMUSIC: jazz bassist Charles ( Edward ). born 1937, US jazz bassist, esp. noted for his collaborations with Ornette Coleman and Keith Jarrett

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Example Sentences

The case can be made that Charlie Haden was the ultimate American musician.

In a similar fashion, you can hear the pulse and drive of Hank Williams and Maybelle Carter in what Haden was doing on the bass.

This was music without a road map, but if you listened to what Haden was doing, you never got lost.

Anthony Haden-Guest, direct from Basel, on the stellar art, glittery parties, giddy collectors, and red-hot market.

Anthony Haden-Guest spoke to Boltanski about preserving art.

If your par haden' gorn so fur erway, your mar en him wud made up when you cum.

Whistler thought Haden restive when he heard that Legros was coming, but nothing was said.

Seymour Haden, who had already etched some of his finest plates, was kind to his visitors.

But gradually he looked inside the frame, and Haden's work dawned upon him.

Haden discovered his loss as soon as he got home, and in a rage hurried after them to the studio.





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