[ hag-rid-n ]

  1. worried or tormented, as by a witch.

Origin of hagridden

First recorded in 1675–85; hag1 + ridden

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How to use hagridden in a sentence

  • You are all besotted—hag-ridden—drunkards sitting in the stocks, and bowing down to the said stocks, and making a god thereof.

    The Saint's Tragedy | Charles Kingsley
  • But I carried double weight: jealousy is a heavy hag, and I was hag-ridden morn and eve and all the livelong day to boot.

    The Little Red Foot | Robert W. Chambers
  • Fed by slaves from the cradle, hag-ridden by his vices; a purple young bully, a product of filthy sloth, scabbed with privilege.

    Rest Harrow | Maurice Hewlett
  • Let the blue and hideous glare of the lightning, and the ghastly gleam of the hag-ridden meteor, illumine the deeds of my doing.

  • He is not the man to be hag-ridden like Macbeth, or humoured into remorseful deeds like Brutus.

British Dictionary definitions for hag-ridden


  1. tormented or worried, as if by a witch

  2. facetious (of a man) harassed by women

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