[ hahn ]


  1. Otto, 1879–1968, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1944.


/ haːn /


  1. HahnKurt18861974MGermanEDUCATION: educationalist Kurt. 1886–1974, German educationalist. During the Nazi era he escaped to Britain, where he founded Gordonstoun School (1935) and helped to establish the Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme
  2. HahnOtto18791968MGermanSCIENCE: physicist Otto (ˈɔto). 1879–1968, German physicist: discovered the radioactive element protactinium with Meitner (1917); with Strassmann, demonstrated the nuclear fission of uranium, when it is bombarded with neutrons: Nobel prize for chemistry 1944


/ hän /

  1. German chemist who investigated radioactive elements and helped discover several new ones. His research on the irradiation on uranium and thorium with neutrons led to the 1938 discovery of nuclear fission.

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Example Sentences

Hahn and a third member of the team, chemist Fritz Strassmann, continued the work, corresponding from afar with Meitner, who had landed in Sweden.

Hahn told ABC he would resist pressure to speed up the process.

From Time

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, however, has authority to overrule Marks’ decision, and Secretary Alex Azar of the Department of Health and Human Services has the right to further overturn Hahn’s call.

Hahn promised full transparency on any moves by the FDA to greenlight a vaccine.

This gets to what FDA commissioner Hahn said during his testimony on Wednesday—the need for large-scale trials to establish safety and efficacy.

From Fortune

The report also names the administrator of one such targeted directory, a German computer science student named Sebastian Hahn.

Kristen Wiig, Sean Penn, Shirley MacLaine, Kathryn Hahn, and Adam Scott star alongside Stiller.

In the 5:30 p.m. call, an unidentified person describes Jamie Hahn as stabbed and “bleeding so badly.”

Jamie Hahn began her finance and fundraising work as soon as she graduated from college in 2006.

The Hahn and Kirk families released a combined statement Wednesday that called Jamie “dedicated.”

The German for cock is hahn, and the cock with his jagged scarlet crest was pre-eminently the symbol of the good Shine.

Hahn endeavoured to group the folk-tales of Europe under forty heads, and Baring Gould has followed his example.

He sent a man on with us to show us the way to the Kickel-hahn, which we at last reached—I with weary legs.

Thus, when Mr. Hahn asked the question: "What is one-half of 10?"

In another (Hahn, No. 15) a prince finds in the forbidden fortieth a lake in which fairies of the swan-maiden species are bathing.