[ haird ]


  1. having hair of a specified kind (usually used in combination):

    dark-haired; long-haired.

  2. New England (chiefly Maine). angry, annoyed, or upset (often followed by up ):

    Don't get haired up over his insults.



  1. having hair as specified


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Word History and Origins

Origin of haired1

1350–1400; Middle English hered; hair, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

The long-haired dad from Massachusetts thought the stock was undervalued and talked up the video game company on social media, where he goes by “Roaring Kitty” and “DeepF—ingValue,” and an army of day traders followed his lead.

From Ozy

Suddenly, Zahab wasn’t just a squash player, she was the longest-haired athlete in Pakistan, maybe the world.

I exchanged several messages in the spirit of friendship with a convict who was also tattooed, dark-haired, and had a face and body worthy of admiration.

As the tall slender dark-haired young musician prepares for a sound check on stage preparing for his Oklahoma City Pride debut, back in Los Angeles his team released his highly anticipated new album via all digital and streaming platforms.

She was auburn-haired, brown-eyed, fluent in four languages and always dressed elegantly.

At that point, a tall, brown-haired man with wire-rimmed glasses came over to me, sat down, and peppered me with questions.

But there was also curly-haired Queen guitarist Brian May and playwright Tom Stoppard.

Long gone are the days of the Young British Artists movement: now a salt-and-pepper-haired filmmaker is the artist of the moment.

Suddenly, a  tall, curly haired white man appeared and thrust himself in the middle of the opposing forces.

Joe Sutter is 93 now, silver-haired and moving a tad more slowly than he would like, but still pugnacious and sharp of tongue.

They sat in the hall and cried; the black-haired boy looking on from afar.

He came later, and Harry, the black-haired boy, was mainly responsible for his coming.

The fight was over and Lawrence rode up to the house, and was met on the porch by a white haired, fine looking old gentleman.

She was thin, skinny, dark-haired, and possessed of great physical strength in the form of endurance.

Mrs. Tom was very golden-haired and blue-eyed and pink and white, but none was further removed from insipidity than she.





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