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  1. having hair of a specified kind (usually used in combination): dark-haired; long-haired.
  2. New England (chiefly Maine ). angry, annoyed, or upset (often followed by up): Don't get haired up over his insults.
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Origin of haired

1350–1400; Middle English hered; see hair, -ed3
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Examples from the Web for haired

Historical Examples of haired

  • It had to be haired with precisely 150 horse hairs dyed red.

    The Bow, Its History, Manufacture and Use

    Henry Saint-George

  • Dont put up at a red (haired and faced) man or womans house.

  • The fore-limbs are somewhat shorter than the hind-limbs, and both the wrist and ankles are haired.

  • He is a dog—and the pup of a dog—red, yellow-bellied, lairless, and haired between every toe!

    The Second Jungle Book

    Rudyard Kipling

  • You dont know nothin neither, youre jest a bone head, your spines jest growed up and haired over.

    A Tenderfoot Bride

    Clarice E. Richards