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[ hair-lahyn ]


  1. a very slender line.
  2. the lower edge of the hair, especially along the upper forehead:

    a hairline that slowly receded.

  3. worsted fabric woven with very fine lines or stripes.
  4. Printing.
    1. a very thin line on the face of a type.
    2. a style of type consisting entirely of such lines. line.
    3. a thin rule for printing fine lines. line.
    4. undesirable vertical lines line between letters, caused by worn matrices.


  1. narrow or fine as a hair:

    a hairline fracture.


/ ˈhɛəˌlaɪn /


  1. the natural margin formed by hair on the head
    1. a very narrow line
    2. ( as modifier )

      a hairline crack

  2. printing
    1. a thin stroke in a typeface
    2. any typeface consisting of such strokes
    3. thin lines beside a character, produced by worn or poorly cast type
  3. a rope or line of hair

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hairline1

First recorded in 1725–35; hair + line 1
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Example Sentences

Face filters that add puppy ears to your hairline or make your lips appear bigger sit on a sophisticated technical infrastructure for AR and VR that the company, which owns Instagram as well as WhatsApp, has built to support such effects.

Unlike a traditional snorkel mask, which covers only the eyes and nose, a full face mask surrounds your entire face from your hairline to your chin.

Slowly, I walked my fingertips into my hairline and discovered one bump, two bumps, three bumps.

From Time

By summer, she was sporting a band of gray along her hairline — not ideal for a writer about to have photos taken for the release of her first book.

When you’re finished perfecting your beard and mustache, you can use electric shavers for the precise manscaping of other body parts, from the top of your head to your sideburns, hairline, back of your neck, and all the way down.

Manning is a broad man with salt and pepper hair, a receding hairline, and rimless glasses.

He is a relatively young man with a trim, tight beard and receding hairline.

Hairline receded, the threat of winning decidedly muted, Roger Federer is almost 32.

Bennett is youthful and dimpled, a receding hairline the only indication of any worldly experience.

Khushwant Singh: “Despite his receding hairline he is an incredibly handsome young man.”

He readjusted the slide rule and slid the hairline over a bit.

McNeil—chap with brown hair, brown eyes, a right eyebrow which quirks up toward his hairline when he smiles?

Nor did a large gray louse that crawled from her hairline across her forehead and back again affect her in the slightest.

The difference between success and failure is the hairline difference between caring and ceasing to care for one's investment.

He had an engaging black face marred by three straight hairline scars that ran in a diagonal across his cheeks.





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