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[ hair-ee ]


, hair·i·er, hair·i·est.
  1. covered with hair; having much hair.

    Synonyms: shaggy, woolly, furry

  2. consisting of or resembling hair:

    moss of a hairy texture.

  3. Informal.
    1. causing anxiety or fright:

      a hairy trip through the rapids.

    2. full of hardship or difficulty:

      a hairy exam; a hairy illness.


/ ˈhɛərɪ /


  1. having or covered with hair
  2. slang.
    1. difficult or problematic
    2. scaring, dangerous, or exciting

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Derived Forms

  • ˈhairiness, noun

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Other Words From

  • hairi·ness noun
  • un·hairi·ness noun
  • un·hairy adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hairy1

First recorded in 1250–1300, hairy is from the Middle English word heeri. See hair, -y 1

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Example Sentences

If you’re hoping to tackle some other hairy areas, look for a model that comes with a nose, ear, or eyebrow trimmer to help you achieve your final look.

Any predator foolish enough to bite a Lophiomys imhausi gets a hairy mouthful of bitter toxins that human poachers use on arrows for hunting big game.

Though 2020 was dominated by big, hairy societal change, science and technology took significant steps forward.

The old man with the bad cough, hairy knuckles, and gray eyes.

He dumped the contents onto a hairy monster, and the monster’s hair grew and looked beautiful.

His play The Hairy Ape, the agent noted, “could easily lend itself to radical propaganda.”

Indeed, one female student told ASU News that cultivating a hairy existence was a “life-changing experience.”

In one mortuary, she observes the very hairy body of a dead fascist, “the nearest human thing I have ever seen to a gorilla.”

As The Guardian noted, Cameron Diaz was telling adorable anecdotes about forcibly grooming a hairy friend just under a year ago.

The Express reports that Harry's cousin Zara has dubbed him "Prince Hairy" according to a royal insider quoted by the Express.

This animal was something like a little boy, only, instead of clothes, he was covered with hairy fur.

The hairy animal, with the long tail, came straight for the bush behind which Squinty was hiding, and crawled through.

He had a loose hairy benignant face with a humorous but penetrating eye and the usual domelike brow.

They bore my friends away on their hairy-naked shoulders, and I stood too shocked to say a word.

Instead of pulling Mrs. Yoop's hair, he perched on her shoulder and smoothed her soft cheek with his hairy paw.


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