or hadj·i, haj·i

[ haj-ee ]

noun,plural haj·jis.
  1. a Muslim who has gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

  2. a Christian of the Orthodox church who has visited the Holy Sepulcher at Jerusalem.

Origin of hajji

First recorded in 1600–10; from Arabic ḥajjī, equivalent to ḥajj “pilgrimage” + a suffix indicating relationship or origin

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How to use hajji in a sentence

  • The hajji had refused to watch the horses when his turn came, and the caravan bashi had therefore thrashed him.

  • Our hajji, the only one of the Mohammedans who had been in Mecca—had indeed been twice there—was the only rascal in the caravan.

  • We had scarcely set up our camp when the discharged hajji and his two companions came up and salaamed.

  • Robert remained responsible for my heavy baggage until he had deposited it in the house of the hajji Nazer Shah.

  • hajji Baba, one of my servants,” answered Abdul Kerim, without moving a muscle.

British Dictionary definitions for hajji


hadji or haji

/ (ˈhædʒɪ, ˈhædʒə) /

nounplural hajjis, hadjis or hajis
  1. a Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca: also used as a title

  2. a Christian of the Greek Orthodox or Armenian Churches who has visited Jerusalem

Derived forms of hajji

  • hajjah, fem n

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