[ heyk ]
/ heɪk /

noun, plural (especially collectively) hake, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) hakes.

any marine fish of the genus Merluccius, closely related to the cods, especially M. bilinearis, found off the New England coast.
any of several related marine fishes, especially of the genus Urophycis.

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Origin of hake

1275–1325; Middle English; special use of Old English haca hook; compare Middle Low German haken kipper salmon
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/ (heɪk) /

noun plural hake or hakes

any gadoid food fish of the genus Merluccius, such as M. merluccius (European hake), of the N hemisphere, having an elongated body with a large head and two dorsal fins
any North American fish of the genus Urophycis, similar and related to Merluccius species
Australian another name for barracouta

Word Origin for hake

C15: perhaps from Old Norse haki hook; compare Old English hacod pike; see hook

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/ (heɪk) /


a wooden frame for drying cheese or fish

Word Origin for hake

C18: variant of heck ²
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