[ hey-kee-uh, hah- ]
/ ˈheɪ ki ə, ˈhɑ- /


any of various shrubs or trees of the genus Hakea, native to Australia, having evergreen, pinnate leaves and clusters of variously colored flowers.

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Origin of hakea

< New Latin (1798) named after Christian Ludwig von Hake (1745–1818), German horticulturist; see -a2
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/ (ˈhɑːkɪə, ˈheɪkɪə) /


any shrub or tree of the Australian genus Hakea, having a hard woody fruit and often yielding a useful wood: family Proteaceae

Word Origin for hakea

C19: New Latin, named after C. L. von Hake (died 1818), German botanist
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