[ hah-lee-vahy, -ley-vee ]


  1. Judah. Judah ha-Levi.

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Example Sentences

He ordered JNF workers to remove all the signs saying "Yehudah Halevi" and replace them with ones that bore his own name.

In 1931 he built an imposing house on what was then Yehudah Halevi Street, named for the 12th century philosopher-bard.

Halevi is less consistent and more thorough, Ibn Daud is more consistent, because he fails to take account of real difficulties.

In the midst of this favorable environment Jehuda Halevi grew to early maturity.

Even in Spain itself, the death of Jehuda Halevi marked the close of this higher inspiration.

They were all surpassed by the prince of poets, Jehuda Halevi, recognized even by his contemporaries as a master of song.

Jehuda Halevi was one of the chosen, to whom the expression, "an image of God," may be applied without exaggeration.


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Hale telescopeHalévy