half term


  1. education
    1. a short holiday midway through an academic term
    2. ( as modifier )

      a half-term holiday

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Example Sentences

The former half-term governor has started her own subscription-based Internet TV network.

The former half-term governor is ‘auditioning’ to be hired by ‘The View.’

What possible interest could she have in meeting a two-bit, half-term governor of Alaska?

But at least their dads were presidents, not half-term governors.

She has already put him up two grades, and says if he keeps on he may go up another this half-term.

"I'm so sorry it's William's half-term holiday," sighed Mrs. Brown.

Even the fact that to-day was a half-term holiday did not dispel his depression.

Youre sure of a place on the team here andand if you should change your mind you could have a half-term free of cost.

Buvat was delighted, and at once gave notice to quit his old lodgings, and at the half-term he moved.


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