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  1. neither fully asleep nor awake

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Example Sentences

The girl next to me, an attractive brunette in her 20s, spent much of the first act and most of the second half asleep.

Sally, the American student, was half-asleep at a corner table after a pub crawl.

And he rammed his own rifle one inch from the face of the half-asleep figure.

Now you hear the click-clock of an approaching cab, the cocher half asleep on his box.

He was walking curiously, as if he was half-asleep, but he slipped round the corner of the building and I lost him.

It was some hours later, and very cold, when Barrington came softly into the room where Dane lay half-asleep in a big chair.

There they were, hunched down under the robe, their heads drawn into their collars like two turtles half asleep on a mud bank.

He had heard of famishing men staggering along astonishing distances half-asleep or too dazed to notice where they were going.


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