1. a day when one works only in the morning or only in the afternoon
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Example Sentences

Some 45 workers slaved over the machines in two half-day shifts.

I would tell you more, but the half-day mock exercise was entirely off the record.

I've seen (and am noting) the questions commenters have been asking for the past half day or so.

Private half-day lessons from $310, group from $85 adults for half-day.

When she taught half-day kindergarten, her students fell behind, McLean told The Daily Beast.

The half day spent about the old city was full of interest; but the places which we missed would make a most discouraging list.

I have walked over royal estates for a half-day without reaching their limit.

"We've talked away our last half day," I said, staring over my shoulder at the blazing sunset sky behind us.

There is need of half-day schools for children who are obliged to assist their parents.

His half-day of whittling and laughter that went with it are something that I find pleasant to remember.