[ half-duhz-uhn, hahf- ]


  1. one half of a dozen; six.


  1. considering six as a unit; consisting of six.



  1. preceded by a
    1. six or a group of six

      a half-dozen roses

    2. ( as pronoun; functioning as singular or plural )

      at least a half-dozen

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Word History and Origins

Origin of half-dozen1

late Middle English word dating back to 1375–1425

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Example Sentences

The Democratic Party is defending more than a half-dozen seats on Republican-friendly turf.

However, astronomers have only identified a half-dozen or so IMBH candidates, and some of those claims are controversial.

I tried a half-dozen other representatives, none who could remedy the blunder, all who cited different reasons for the occurrence.

I wrote at least a half-dozen articles myself; each, as I remember, had a distinct conservation theme.

By 2013, his third year in congress, he had appeared on Meet the Press a half-dozen times.

Yet, somehow, I felt that if I could but get a half-dozen men to take a firm stand with me, I might hold the rioters in check.

For one hour a half-dozen guards went over the tracks looking for bombs and then they came into our coupé looking for spies.

It was covered with iron five or six inches thick, and carried a half-dozen big guns.

Cicero had considerable libraries not only in his house at Rome, but also at every one of his half-dozen country seats.

He glanced swiftly at the half-dozen wives present, but their expressions showed no jealousy.