1. (of food, a meal, etc) partially consumed

    he pushed his half-eaten meal away

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Example Sentences

The gorillas and chimps perhaps then chomp the half eaten fruit and become ill with a devastating human-like disease.

At six, I told my mother - proudly and with half-eaten crayon on my face - that "children were yucky and dogs were better."

The next day, the body of a 72-year-old woman was discovered half-eaten by grizzly bears in—again—British Columbia.

They step in front of an enormous oil painting depicting a half-eaten bowl of rice.

Within three seconds, I was left alone in the booth with his plate of half-eaten eggs, as he disappeared out into the sunlight.

He silenced her with a gesture, and, leaving a piece of toast half-eaten on his plate, he got up and went into his study.

Welcome pushed away from the table, leaving his dinner half-eaten.

It was the body of a small deer, already half eaten, and no object bigger than a man's hand could have been concealed behind it.

Butter was nicely spread over a ground area about six feet square, while a half-eaten loaf of bread was floating in the water.

The news spread over the ship; the starboard watch trooped up with their dinners half eaten.


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