1. (of a vessel, place, etc) holding or containing half its capacity

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How to use half-empty in a sentence

  • The woman holds in her claw-like hand a half-empty bottle of cheap red wine.

    The Real Latin Quarter | F. Berkeley Smith
  • It pulled up suddenly before the door, and a moment later the old bell clanged loudly through the half-empty house.

    The Doctor of Pimlico | William Le Queux
  • It resounds with all the doubly loud noises of a half-empty place—with hammering and tacking, clanking buckets, the "Whoas!"

    Mushroom Town | Oliver Onions
  • It was a hot July day, and Paris should have been half empty, but the pavements were crowded.

    Dross | Henry Seton Merriman
  • His breathing oxygen gauge showed half empty, so he must have been on the job for around a half hour.

    Tight Squeeze | Dean Charles Ing