1. extremely cold

    the half-frozen, but still conscious boy

  2. (of food, ice, etc) partially defrosted
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Example Sentences

Seventeen-year-old Kai Dionne jumps into a half-frozen river to save his dog, Talia, and the 24-hour drama begins.

We had come from Ottawa, where I had been half-frozen, having no idea of how heart-stoppingly cold it would be.

Dorothy led Jack off to the stable, and the half-frozen yeoman turned in to enjoy his cheerful fire.

Pensive spread her half-frozen wings, and courageously soared amid the cold and mist.

Burns had stopped short in the middle of the hubbly, half-frozen street they were crossing.

I am half-frozen, and only want to warm myself a little beside you.'

Returning he was drenched by a storm of rain and sleet, arriving at last half frozen.





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