half landing

  1. a landing halfway up a flight of stairs

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How to use half landing in a sentence

  • And then it was more a vibration of the floor, behind the curtains of the half-landing, than an actual sound.

    Witching Hill | E. W. Hornung
  • There were three stairs down to the half-landing, but Uvo sat up too late at nights not to know the one that creaked.

    Witching Hill | E. W. Hornung
  • On the half-landing he stopped before the case of stuffed humming-birds which had delighted his childhood.

  • At the last half-landing, where a curtain hung, dividing off back premises, she stopped and listened.

    Saint's Progress | John Galsworthy
  • Her features did not relax as she went down the five steps to the half-landing where he waited, smiling faintly.

    Hilda Lessways | Arnold Bennett