1. partially clothed

    a half-naked body

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Example Sentences

Barba offered me a line of cocaine as we sat on his bunk bed covered by posters of musicians and half-naked women.

But then again in France one need not be an artist to parade half naked in public.

Later, in 2003, pictures of a half-naked Smart—taken in prison—were published in The National Enquirer.

They are everywhere on television: dripping wet, heavy-breathing, half-naked men.

The red-band trailer for Magic Mike has already gone viral, with all the shots of half-naked McConaughey and Bomer.

Most of the men had torn off their upper garments and fought half naked, the sweat glistening on their skins in the feeble light.

Yes, her husband thrust her outdoors, half naked, this bitter cold night.

Ere his lips could touch the water two half-naked figures sprang upon him and bore him down.

Not a lot of business-reporting assignments involved spending time with half-naked, sun-baked dudes in remote southern junkyards.

Half naked, soot-smeared fellows fight the furnace hearths with hooks, rabbles and paddles.





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