1. British a loaf having a weight, when baked, of 800 g

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How to use half-quartern in a sentence

  • Davy Ramsey brought an half quartern sack to put the treasure in.

  • Bindle with practical samaritanism went into the parlour and returned with a half-quartern bottle.

    Adventures of Bindle | Herbert George Jenkins
  • Among London thieves and low people generally a deadun is a half-quartern loaf.

    The Slang Dictionary | John Camden Hotten
  • Oh, sir—but do forgive me for making free to ask such a thing—if you would only let it be a half-quartern loaf instead?

    Johnny Ludlow. First Series | Mrs. Henry Wood
  • Students of the half-quartern household loaf will appreciate the niceties involved.

    When Ghost Meets Ghost | William Frend De Morgan