1. sport
    1. a rest period between the two halves of a game
    2. ( as modifier )

      the half-time score

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Example Sentences

For the half-time show, a cheerleader and her doppelgängers perform some hypnotic, pom-pom routines (see 1:11).

And one 53-year-old Material Girl who is performing the half time show says she would rather date Eli than Tom.

At half time, her coach berated her, and a shouting match erupted.

Slovenia had a 2-0 lead at half time and then the U.S. showed up, scoring two beauties in the second half.

In 1897, the rapid abandonment of the half-time system outside the workhouse led to a great advance.

If just one more man caves in we will only be able to run the machine half time, and that's a losing proposition.

We can only work half time now until the mules come and I can go in and get the electric light.

"I am sure it's Shuffle and Screw going to work half time," said Harriet.

To maintain and operate the system at least a half-time technician-programmer would be required.