[haf-turn, hahf-]


a 180-degree turn; a direct reversal of direction or orientation, as from front to back or left to right.

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Examples from the Web for half-turn

Historical Examples of half-turn

  • The half-turn of the staircase cut off the view of the lobby.

    The Shadow-Line

    Joseph Conrad

  • The helicopter made a half-turn of the camp and came rapidly to Earth.

    Project Mastodon

    Clifford Donald Simak

  • I then gave the screw a half-turn more, and told him to walk and run.

    A Chosen Few

    Frank R. Stockton

  • (Mrs. Pratt had made a half-turn towards the hammock and the copper beech).

    Gray youth

    Oliver Onions

  • I should add that they were very incomplete,—a quarter of a turn, or a half-turn at most.

    Mysterious Psychic Forces

    Camille Flammarion