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[ haf-hahr-tid, hahf- ]


  1. having or showing little enthusiasm:

    a halfhearted attempt to work.

    Synonyms: perfunctory, cool, cold, uninterested, indifferent

    Antonyms: enthusiastic

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Other Words From

  • halfhearted·ly adverb
  • halfhearted·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of halfhearted1

First recorded in 1605–15; half + heart + -ed 3

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Example Sentences

This halfhearted support is how we end up with bags of grey Skittles being released into the wild because “only one rainbow matters during Pride.”

From Eater

“It’s a halfhearted effort at complying with the governor’s demands as soon as possible,” said Suzie Djidjoli, a speech-language pathologist who was a member of a union bargaining team.

Obama, the halfhearted visitor, had his face clinched in a frozen smile.

The result is a series of halfhearted reforms by old men in camouflage.

He gave a halfhearted, widely panned speech on the night he finished a distant third in New Hampshire.

The United States will issue a halfhearted rebuke and some useless words about “deploring the deaths” that occurred on the ships.

He began to make a somewhat halfhearted effort to explain what had happened.

At the mouth of the alley stood Charles, wearing a halfhearted VampMob outfit of black t-shirt and jeans and white face-paint.

Since teachers were either poorly paid or were hacienda guests, they offered halfhearted service.

Two or three women, far back in the hall, start a halfhearted handclapping.

And Antony took enough time from Cleopatra's side to make halfhearted preparations to resist.

The others of the "indigenous" school have proved halfhearted and vague.


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