[haf-tohn, hahf-]
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  1. Also called middle-tone. (in painting, drawing, graphics, photography, etc.) a value intermediate between light and dark.
  2. Printing.
    1. a process in which gradation of tone in an image is conveyed by first photographing the image through a screen to break up the continuous tones of the image into minute, closely spaced dots, then using the print obtained to produce a metal plate by photoengraving, and finally using the plate to reproduce the original image by letterpress or offset printing.
    2. the metal plate used in such a process.
    3. the print obtained in such a process.Compare line cut.
  1. pertaining to, using, used in, or produced by the halftone process: a halftone screen; a halftone print.

Origin of halftone

First recorded in 1645–55; half + tone
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    1. a process used to reproduce an illustration by photographing it through a fine screen to break it up into dots
    2. the etched plate thus obtained
    3. the print obtained from such a plate
  1. art a tonal value midway between highlight and dark shading
  2. music, US and Canadian another word for semitone
  1. relating to, used in, or made by halftone
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