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[ snap-shot ]


  1. an informal photograph, especially one taken quickly by a handheld camera.
  2. Hunting. a quick shot taken without deliberate aim.
  3. Informal. a brief appraisal, summary, or profile.

verb (used with or without object)

, snap·shot or snap·shot·ted, snap·shot·ting.
  1. to photograph informally and quickly.


/ ˈsnæpˌʃɒt /


  1. an informal photograph taken with a simple camera Often shortened tosnap

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Word History and Origins

Origin of snapshot1

1800–10 snapshot fordef 2; 1860–65 snapshot fordef 1; snap (in the sense “done suddenly or casually”) + shot 1none

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Example Sentences

The result provides a snapshot of campus as it was when the world went on pause in March.

Our national snapshot is not the same thing as our prediction of the Election Day outcome.

Instead, our prediction blends the polling-driven snapshot with a “fundamentals forecast” based on economic conditions and whether an incumbent is seeking reelection.

So here’s a snapshot of all 38 statewide elections since the pandemic started and what macro trends we’ve been able to observe so far.

As much as possible, the team looked at the first round of transmission, in hopes of getting an accurate snapshot of the risks different types of settings pose.

We surveyed the strange world of celebrity gaming cameos to give you a snapshot of the most successful and the most inexplicable.

It is an indelible snapshot burned into our brains of mortality and sports at their highest level.

At any given medical evaluation you get no more than a snapshot.

All in all, an unedifying and unhealthy snapshot of conservatism today.

The show represents a very specific snapshot of a very specific cultural subset existing at this very second in time.

We stayed two days at the island, and had, in addition, a very picturesque snapshot at the native life.

"You have not liked him since you found that he took that snapshot of me," she said whimsically.

His brain registered these vague figures with the instantaneity of a snapshot camera at full noon.

He unbuttoned his coat, and drew out his pocket-book, and from it a little snapshot photograph, which he handed to Nancy.

Against one of the columns at the entrance I took a snapshot of my dear wife and our friend Miss Himmel.


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