[ hal-uh-faks ]
/ ˈhæl əˌfæks /


Earl ofEdward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1881–1959, British statesman.
a seaport in and the capital of Nova Scotia, in SE Canada.
a city in West Yorkshire, in N central England.

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Nova Scotia
[ noh-vuh skoh-shuh ]
/ ˈnoʊ və ˈskoʊ ʃə /


a peninsula and province in SE Canada: once a part of the French province of Acadia. 21,068 sq. mi. (54,565 sq. km). Capital: Halifax.
Informal. Nova Scotia salmon.


Nova Scotian, adjective, noun
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/ (ˈhælɪˌfæks) /


a port in SE Canada, capital of Nova Scotia, on the Atlantic: founded in 1749 as a British stronghold. Pop: 276 221 (2001)
a town in N England, in Calderdale unitary authority, West Yorkshire: textiles. Pop: 83 570 (2001)

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/ (ˈhælɪˌfæks) /


Charles Montagu, Earl of Halifax. 1661–1715, British statesman; founder of the National Debt (1692) and the Bank of England (1694)
Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, Earl of Halifax. 1881–1959, British Conservative statesman. He was viceroy of India (1926–31), foreign secretary (1938–40), and ambassador to the US (1941–46)
George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax, known as the Trimmer. 1633–95, British politician, noted for his wavering opinions. He opposed the exclusion of the Catholic James II from the throne but later supported the Glorious Revolution

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Nova Scotia
/ (ˈnəʊvə ˈskəʊʃə) /


a peninsula in E Canada, between the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Bay of Fundy
a province of E Canada, consisting of the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island: first settled by the French as Acadia. Capital: Halifax. Pop: 936 960 (2004 est). Area: 52 841 sq km (20 402 sq miles)
Abbreviation: NS
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Nova Scotia

Province in eastern Canada, including a peninsula to the east of New Brunswick and Cape Breton Island, as well as several smaller adjacent islands. With New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia makes up the Maritime Provinces. Halifax is its capital and largest city.

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French settlers, who called the area Acadia, were expelled by the British in the 1750s. Many of the exiled Acadians settled in Louisiana and became the ancestors of today's Cajuns.
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