[ hal-i-tuh s ]
/ ˈhæl ɪ təs /

noun, plural hal·i·tus·es.

breath; exhalation; vapor.

Origin of halitus

1655–65; < Latin, equivalent to hāl(āre) to breathe, exhale + -itus suffix of v. action (probably by analogy with spīritus spirit)

Related forms

ha·lit·u·os·i·ty [huh-lich-oo-os-i-tee] /həˌlɪtʃ uˈɒs ɪ ti/, nounha·lit·u·ous [huh-lich-oo-uh s] /həˈlɪtʃ u əs/, adjective
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[ hălĭ-təs ]


An exhalation, as of a breath or vapor.
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