hall stand

esp US hall tree


a piece of furniture on which are hung coats, hats, etc

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Examples from the Web for hall stand

Historical Examples of hall stand

  • She is gathering about her the wrap she has snatched from the hall-stand.


    George Cary Eggleston

  • Half-way down the stairs he saw his overcoat on the hall-stand beckoning to him and offering release.

    The Regent

    E. Arnold Bennett

  • He stood just inside the doorway, holding a silver-banded malacca walking-stick that he had taken from the hall-stand.


    Henry Beam Piper

  • The door was still open, I knew, and I could hear Willie fumbling on the hall-stand for matches.

    The Confession

    Mary Roberts Rinehart

  • Denry threw his new motoring cap hastily on to the hall-stand.