/ ˈhælstæt; hælˈstætɪən /


  1. of or relating to a late Bronze Age culture extending from central Europe to Britain and lasting from the 9th to the 5th century bc , characterized by distinctive burial customs, bronze and iron tools, etc

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Hallstatt1

C19: named after Hallstatt, Austrian village where remains were found

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Example Sentences

At Hallstatt there was the normal evolution from bronze swords and axes to iron swords and axes.

The people of Hallstatt are not a blooming race: one sees many dwarfs and cripples among them.

The gay, little skiffs and long, open gondolas are flitting continually along the lake, which is the main street of Hallstatt.

In this way I managed to cover the whole stream, taking a lower part each day, from the lake of Hallstatt down to Ischl.

The descent of the Achaens into Greece occurred at a date earlier than the rise of the great Hallstatt civilization.


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