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[ huh-loo-suh-nuh-jen-ik ]


  1. producing hallucinations:

    a hallucinogenic drug.

  2. of, relating to, or constituting a hallucinogen or hallucinogens:

    He took some strange tablets and has just woken from weird hallucinogenic dreams.

  3. resembling or recalling the state of consciousness induced by a hallucinogen:

    The film contains a wild kaleidoscope of unequivocal camp and hallucinogenic color.


  1. a hallucinogenic substance:

    Side effects of hallucinogenics are still being researched.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hallucinogenic1

First recorded in 1950–55; hallucino(gen) + -genic

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Example Sentences

The most compelling evidence for the use of drugs by such early humans is a potentially hallucinogenic plant !

Psilocybin — the hallucinogenic substance in “magic mushrooms” — dates back 3,000 years, when it was an important part of shamanic ceremonies in Mexico.

From Ozy

The volunteers were given either LSD or psilocybin, the hallucinogenic ingredient in “magic mushrooms.”

A certain hallucinogenic quality takes hold, especially if you can block out the spectators all around you with their arms raised, recording the film on their phones.

The wider world encountered the hallucinogenic plant in the form of ibogaine, a compound extracted from iboga bark and packed into a pill.

From Time

And, perhaps most accurately, "a single complete experience of using a powerful hallucinogenic drug."

There they tried non-hallucinogenic 2-Bromo-LSD for chronic cluster headaches.

So Halpern suggested looking at a non-hallucinogenic 2-Bromo-LSD, instead of LSD.

Over-the-counter cough syrup may also be used, though the effects of that are more hallucinogenic than euphoric.

But the protagonist and the playwright are linked by hallucinogenic drugs.

Some had hallucinogenic effects, which were probably useful for pain.


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