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  1. a baboon, Papio (or Comopithecus) hamadryas, of Arabia and NE Africa, having long silvery hair on the head, neck, and chest: regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians: family CercopithecidaeAlso called: hamadryas baboon, sacred baboon
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Word Origin

C19: via New Latin from Latin; see hamadryad
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Historical Examples

  • In Burmah this formidable Viper is dreaded almost as much as the Hamadryas.

    Reptiles and Birds

    Louis Figuier

  • The hamadryas (C. hamadryas) of Abyssinia is characterized by long hair, forming a sort of shoulder-cape.

  • Who does not feel disgust when regarding the hideous mandrill—the drill—the hamadryas—or even the chacma?

    The Bush Boys

    Captain Mayne Reid

  • Hamadryas, one of the nymphs whose life depended upon the tree to which she was attached.