[ ham-uhl ]


  1. Dorothy (Stuart), born 1956, U.S. figure skater.

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Example Sentences

Three years after Lynn retired, Hamill would get her gold without a single triple, but that would be the last time it happened.

It turned out that Hamill’s triple-less win in 1976 was the last of its kind for a female figure skater.

Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill are all coming back.

What else are we to conclude from his interview with New York Daily News columnist Denis Hamill, published today?

“These books offer a unique grassroots marketing possibility,” said It Books editor Kate Hamill.

Corporal Hamill, one of the old soldiers of the Battalion and a well-known long distance runner, was killed at the same time.

Aquatic sports were the most popular; Jimmy Hamill, the champion single sculler of the world, was at the zenith of his career.

He played the organ in chapel and had composed the famous Hamill House March in memory of his requested departure from that abode.

In the piazza is a tablet to Major Hamill, who is buried in the church.

Smith Hamill died in 1890, and David B. became head of the firm.





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