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hammer out


  1. to shape or remove with or as if with a hammer
  2. to form or produce (an agreement, plan, etc) after much discussion or dispute

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Idioms and Phrases

Work out with considerable effort, as in It took weeks of negotiations to hammer out an acceptable compromise . This usage likens intellectual effort to shaping metal with the blows of a hammer. [Mid-1700s]

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Example Sentences

Clinton tried to hammer out a settlement and failed miserable.

Democrats tried to conference in the summer and hammer out a deal on the budget.

Even if Biden and McConnell hammer out a deal, time is running out.

Both sides will insist they want some sort of corridor—not just an "umbilical chord"—and they must hammer out a tough compromise.

Still, even if Congress and the White House hammer out a plan, the lag time to prepare could be substantial.

Henry's conscience was set at rest as he began with great delight to hammer out his bent nails.

Nevertheless, it took the United States several years to hammer out a working constitution.

If you only knew what fun I've got out of life at times; have to hammer out a bit of something lively now and then, you know!

From a half dollar they will hammer out or mold a bangle and cover it with chasing very deftly cut.

Your paterfamilias, in pre-telegraph days, used to hammer out a few solid opinions of his own on matters political and otherwise.


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