[ ham-er-hed ]

  1. the part of a hammer designed for striking.

  2. a shark of the genus Sphyrna, especially S. zygaena, having the head expanded laterally so as to resemble a double-headed hammer, sometimes dangerous to swimmers.

  1. Also called ham·mer·kop [ham-er-kop]. /ˈhæm ərˌkɒp/. a brown heronlike African bird, Scopus umbretta, having the head so crested as to resemble a claw hammer.

  2. Slang. blockhead; dunce; lout.

Origin of hammerhead

First recorded in 1525–35; hammer + head

Other words from hammerhead

  • ham·mer·head·ed, adjective

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How to use hammerhead in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for hammerhead


/ (ˈhæməˌhɛd) /

  1. any shark of the genus Sphyrna and family Sphyrnidae, having a flattened hammer-shaped head

  2. a heavily built tropical African wading bird, Scopus umbretta, related to the herons, having a dark plumage and a long backward-pointing crest: family Scopidae, order Ciconiiformes

  1. a large African fruit bat, Hypsignathus monstrosus, with a large square head and hammer-shaped muzzle

Derived forms of hammerhead

  • hammerheaded, adjective

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