hand and foot

see bound hand and foot; wait on someone hand and foot.

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How to use hand and foot in a sentence

  • The rocks were steep, but so broken as to offer good hand-and foot-hold.

  • Their beautiful scales flash scarlet, blue, and gold, and their little hand-and-foot fins are ever trembling and waving.

    The Log of the Sun | William Beebe
  • The time's all too short, and I'm bound hand-and-foot here, and can do nought.

    A Girl of the People | L. T. Meade
  • You will find my sister in his room, for she has nursed him hand-and-foot this two months back.

    Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Such a system of hand-and-foot control has become general in aeroplanes.

    The Aeroplane | Claude Grahame-White and Harry Harper