hand brake


a brake operated by a hand lever.Compare caliper(def 6).
(in an automobile) an emergency or parking brake operated by a hand lever.

Origin of hand brake

First recorded in 1840–50
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Historical Examples of hand brake

  • They were so packed in that he could scarcely reach gear lever and hand-brake.

    Free Air

    Sinclair Lewis

  • Luckily I was sitting on the brake side, and reaching out of the tonneau, I seized the lever of the hand-brake and jammed it on.

    The Lightning Conductor

    C. N. Williamson

  • Dave leaned forward, to jam on the hand-brake, but his uncle was ahead of him in the action.

  • The carriage was an open one with two double seats, and in front a single one for a messenger; it had also a hand-brake attached.

  • Again I hung out, and gently but firmly put on the hand-brake, steadying the car.

    The Lightning Conductor

    C. N. Williamson