1. held in position by the hand
  2. (of a film camera) held rather than mounted, as in close-up action shots
  3. (of an electronic device) able to be held in the hand and not requiring connection to a fixed power source


  1. a computer that can be held in the hand

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Example Sentences

Then Declan tried to capture Venus in the frame of our borrowed Olympus hand-held camera.

But if you had to choose between having your hand held by a warm and fuzzy nurse or being treated by a heartless diagnostician?

Take the diagnosis; live to have your hand held another day.

He wanted to speak, words would not come, his nerveless hand held the door so feebly that he almost fell backward.

And Hobart had taken his place by the upper entrance, his hand held stiffly across his body.

For by the lightning's angry flash,His child he did discover; One lovely hand held all the cash,And one was round her lover!

His left elbow rested upon the bar, and his hand held a glass of red liquor.

A braid of her hair had fallen, and she was in the act of arranging it, while one hand held up her drooping riding-dress.