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hand in


  1. tr, adverb to return or submit (something, such as an examination paper)

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Example Sentences

Style, she points out, has often come hand-in-hand with equality.

He adopted Steve Carlton's hand-in-a-bucket-of-sand exercises.

Most people wouldn't look twice at a “fat man” walking hand-in-hand with an attractive, skinny woman.

Unsurprisingly, support for these kinds of useless interventions often goes hand-in-hand with vaccine denial.

UN officials say the looters often work hand-in-hand with rebel militias.

It's my belief you're hand-in-glove with Choo Hoo, for all your tender ways—dear me!

Side by side on the low sofa, two women, hand-in-hand, had been sobbing out their grief to one another.

Hand-in-hand he and Rebecca visited the grave-yard, where slept the remains of her loved parents.

It was unmistakably a symptom that something of his old passion for her had been revived; duty and desire ran hand-in-hand.

In another minute the greeting of father and son was accomplished, and the two were walking hand-in-hand towards the house.





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