hand tool



  1. any tool or implement designed for manual operation.



[ hand-tool ]

verb (used with object)

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Example Sentences

A cheap set of handy hand tools that should live in every house and apartment.

DEKOPRO No power is required for this robust set of hand tools from Dekopro.

They are capable of splitting logs with twisted or springy grain that would be impossible with hand tools.

Those who only split a few logs at a time may find it more convenient to use this simple hand tool, rather than setting up a much larger electric or gas-powered machine.

Using a hand tool, she can scan items to acquire blueprints for the fabricator.

The tools they use are very primitive; the hoe being the principal hand-tool, and the plough of ancient use for animal power.

A wood-cutting hand tool that is curved in its cross-section.

He also found boots and rubber gloves, a small hand shovel, and an ordinary garden hand tool with three prongs.

Whatever the cause, the result did not persist long as a guide to hand-tool design.

This quest motivated three centuries of toolmakers and brought vitality to hand-tool design.





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