/ ˈhændˌbæɡz /

plural noun

  1. facetious.
    an incident in which people, esp sportsmen, fight or threaten to fight, but without real intent to inflict harm (esp in the phrases handbags at dawn, handbags at twenty paces, etc)

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Example Sentences

China is not the only country where fake handbags are easily found.

In other words, “Bad Ass Vodka” and high-end handbags are off-limits.

Inspried by "Russian patriotism," Anna Chapman has recently debuted a collection of flowy print dresses and handbags.

So she decided to do something about it—and launch her own line of concealed-carry handbags.

She introduced four styles of handbags when her company began, offering various combinations of color and leather.

The baggage—two trunks, a showman's keyster, two suitcases, a big duffle bag and handbags—was loaded on trailer and backseat.

We must leave our heavy luggage at Port Said, to be picked up again on our return, and only take what we can carry in handbags.

It is therefore the one in which people usually keep the things which they especially value, and their pocketbooks or handbags.

Some people with handbags pushed past, and Knight had to step into the room to avoid them.

Tiny earthen bean-pots, spectacles, handbags, imitation folders—any of these things would do for souvenirs.